OUR MISSION is to have a positive health impact on Central Oregonians through public interactions and education, virtual store for 365 day convenience and increasing the amount of available microgreens grown in Bend, OR.

Hi, I'm Chuck…

I have always had a passion for gardening and farming. I was raised on a farm and spent the better part of my college years in Agriculture. I have had a personal garden for more years than I can remember (30+ years). I am ready to share my knowledge and experience to help our community health thrive and allow good food to bring us together.  


Hi, I'm Chris

I have always enjoyed eating fresh produce and that's never been a problem being so close to my father's garden. I studied Business Management and Nutrition in College. I believe that healthy produce and great flavors don't have to come from distant places. They can be found locally from honest, hard-working people.