Why does our produce cost less than others?

We can answer this by looking at our mission goal:

Fair Price, Quality with Scale & Knowing our Customers

Fair Price

Affordable to our communities while providing a sustainable future for Gorilla Greens. Just because some customers are willing to pay 2x-4x our price doesn’t make it a fair price to charge that in our communities. This feels greedy to us while it robs our communities of having fresh produce available to more members. We believe it is a fair price to sell at the same price if you buy 1 or 100 from us.

Quality with Scale (Not Quantity of Scale)

We grow-to-order each week. This limits the amount of new growth each week because we value that our customers are receiving a personalized, quality order of fresh greens right to their location through our “Free Delivery” Service. Limiting the amount of greens wasted to almost zero, means we don’t have to compensate those losses with higher prices. Limiting weekly expenses saves us money and you too!

Some businesses, hide behind their higher prices with phrases like:

“if we had more customers, we could lower prices”

“higher quality means I have to charge a higher price”

“We are charging a similar price to what our competitors charge”

“We have to charge more, so we can expand and hire more employees”

We believe that our local business provides a lower, more affordable product because we look for solutions to these phrase.

Progress is measured by Quality and Customer Satisfaction, not by Quantity Produced and Customer Sales.

Knowing our Customers

We personally meet all of our potential customers and returning customers through farmer’s markets, delivery service and friendly referrals. We conserve resources by concentrating miles and fuel used for delivery each week by grouping deliveries into zones that further reduces driving time and is a greener approach for our environment.

We pass these weekly savings to our customers by selling directly to them. We have less expenses this way which results in a lower price than distributors and re-sellers like grocery stores. Our staffing is lean and crossed trained which further reduces costs. We spend extra time updating our own website, creating personalized post to social media and being directly available to customers when they reach out to us.